5 May 2013

While some of my coworkers are no doubt passed out somewhere after celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I pulled the drivetrain.

The good news is that nothing terrible appeared to be wrong… and the bad news is that nothing terrible appeared to be wrong… The pilot bushing was in perfect condition, as was the input shaft. The clutch looked fine, though it was surprising how much dust had already accumulated in a couple hundred miles. There was some evidence of flung grease which must have been applied to the splines by the engine builder, but there was no sign of it having contaminated the clutch faces.

So… now what? With the spotlight (apparently) off the pilot bushing, all that’s left is the clutch so it’ll be shipped off tomorrow. Attention will then turn to the other half dozen car tasks, and if not those, there’s always working on the manuscript.

As an aside, if I’d been told 30 years ago that it was possible to grow blueberries is SoCal I’d have been surprised. Not only do they grow, they grow well, as this strain is doing great in pots.