6 Jun 2010

Couldn’t sell the wood table, zero interest on Craig’s List at $100 and not even an offer. With a “Free” sign on it we’ll see how long it sits in the yard…

As said before, it’s a drag to get something completely done, then realize it can be done much better; case in point is the turbocharger support bracket. For as far off the engine it’s suspended, it’s too much weight out there flexing the manifold, which can crack it. Anyhow, I had a solution that came off the compressor housing but it was deemed too weak. The new solution directly supports the header at the collector flange, right next to the turbo.

Welded various vacuum ports closed on the intake manifold. One fitting will come off the manifold and lead to a vacuum block – much neater than a bunch of different-sized tubes running around. Installed a custom throttle bracket which misses the fuel line, so measurements were taken so the throttle cable can be ordered. Installed the clutch fluid line, but realized without the front cowl panel in place, there’s no place for the remote master cylinders to mount. Not a big deal, just another thing on the list.