6 Jun 2012

Took the dog for his morning walk, cleaned the garage and house, picked up the wife from the airport, then went shopping and ate out, and the day was done.

I said I wouldn’t “do” any more bird pictures… oh well. I heard Midi messing with something outside my window and when I realized what it was, went out to check and sure enough, one of the babies had taking the “Step of Faith” out of the nest, dropping about 15 feet to the ground (definitely unlike hummingbirds!) I’ve learned the hard way that trying to help birds mostly fails, but figured that he was a goner if I did nothing. So back into the nest he went which, like the hummingbird nest, is now way too small, but it’s apparently nature’s way of making them leave home… It was hard to tell if he was stunned from the fall, if something was wrong with him, or that’s just how they are.  The returned bird is holding on for now but who knows about tonight or tomorrow. In general this is how nature is, making them plummet one by one to the ground and from then they’re on their own…
Update: Checked on them before dark and there were now two of them on the ground! Ugh, okay, but what ticks me off is how ruthless ants are. They were already crawling all over the babies. Nope, sorry, not today, so the babies were picked up, cleaned off, then I took the makeshift styrafoam hummingbird nest out of the tree and put both in it under some boards for protection, still near their nest so mom can find them. Both seemed to think that I was a tree because neather wanted to let go of my hand! Hopefully they’ll keep each other company until morning, then they’re off into their Brave New World.