7 Feb 2010

After a very long push, the suspension’s done – almost. After the second rocker, push-rod, and A-arm were installed, turns out that the right rocker-arm pivot was welded in a bit too far inboard where so at full-droop the push-rod contacts the chassis – not acceptable. So next week it get’s cut off and repositioned. Not a big deal in the overall scope of life, but another lesson in what happens when things are rushed. Or maybe it is that there’s no one to blame…

The suspension has taken so long that not much thought’s been given to what’s next. The immediate list is: fix the mount, fully weld the chassis, and add a few gussets on various things (which ensures the drawings are – once again – out of date…)

I always make things out to be worse than they are, kind of like shaking my head at myself and wondering “what takes him so long?” Anyhow, things are moving along, because after the chassis if finish welded, it’s time to start adding panels – or do the electrical. Probably makes more sense to do panels first so it’s more obvious where tubes, cables, and hoses pass through, ensuring things don’t get missed. Paneling will be a welcome change.