7 July 2016

The exhaust is done. It looks a little odd because of the V-band flange at the end of it. It’s there just in case I ever run the car somewhere that a muffer’s required – it’ll get added on external to the car. The turbo works well enough as a muffler that I don’t run one on the street. The flex joint is to handle the differential expansion between the exhaust pipe proper and the wastegate tubing – stainless expands a lot more than mild steel when it gets hot.

In other news, my brother signed upĀ for the Silver City (Nevada) hill climb – Google it to learn more. He’s been busy prepping his car and it’s all painted now – finally! Anyhow, he had to remove the drivetrain to track down an oil leak and knocking sound. The former was from the front transmission seal leaking – easily fixed, and the latter was from the transmission hitting a chassis tube. What sucks is that after getting it all back in yesterday, it’s dripping fluid from the clutch slave cylinder – he’s not in a good mood. I didn’t sign up for the event since I don’t want to rush breaking in the new engine and getting it tuned.