7 May 2017

Still here, still on the Midlana forum daily, not so much posting to midlana.com due to taking time off. It was surprising to realize I’ve been doing nothing but car stuff for oh, around 20 years so it’s a welcome change. Still working on the pond and it’s coming along well – even when I’m digging in the backyard and the voice in my head asks, “wouldn’t you rather be working on the car?” Mmm, nope, though I will start driving it again once this late-season cold weather and rain let up.

A couple non-car related pics. The first really surprised me, as here in urban Southern California, if someone says there are a couple turkey vultures in a tree, you just assume they’re wrong, or a bit nuts. Nope, they were right. I’ve lived here all my life and never saw these before around here. No idea where they came from but was happy they stayed in a tree long enough for me to go get my good camera and lens.

The hummingbird pic was taken with a really nice macro lens which allows shots like this at a distance to not spook the subject.