8 Aug 2010

It’s amazing how long it takes to bolt on suspension: checking and finding the correct grip length of each bolt, making rod-end spacers (the real time-sink), setting the rod-ends at the correct depth in each arm, mocking it up to double-check camber, then tightening everything down – with Nyloc nuts that take a while to tighten. The good news is that the suspension’s all in! And, the rear brake rotors did in fact space the wheels out to where they were supposed to be.

Various bolts are on order, including the ones for the steering rack. Technically, Midlana could be sat down on her wheels. However, as much of a milestone that would be, I’m going to hold off since there’s still a number of things to do – lots of odds and ends in the electrical system. Having it up at “working height” is nice. Also, it’s good to be able to crawl under the car, so, no video of me jumping and down on the suspension just yet.