1 Apr 2012

Really tried to line-out another item on the list but didn’t quite make it. Today was spent making cardboard templates and aluminum paneling for the inlet ducting on the intercooler because without it, much of the flow will go around the cooler instead of through it.  Though things look a bit out-of-square it’s because the engine cover and side panels aren’t level to the ground and the cooler is, hence the odd appearance. The plan is to paint everything behind the grill flat-black to hide the duct-work. Not sure how much I like the grill but at this point the goal is to get the car done and to fool with it later. The hard part’s done so it’ll be done for sure next weekend.

There’s another hummingbird nest in the yard, pretty much where one was last year, right over the fish pond up near the top of the shade covering. Great protection from ground-based threats – not so good against crows who killed the babies last year. Also, Mrs. HB apparently decided that the kids will fly perfect the first time because if they teeter out of the nest and drop, they’ll become fish food. Koi aren’t meat-eaters (they don’t have teeth) but they do play with whatever drops in the water. Sorry about the picture quality; what you see is the shade cloth which messes with the picture, but you can see one baby sticking its head out. Unlike the other nests this is about the best picture I can get as there can’t be any shots from above.

Midi likes nothing better than to take up the entire computer chair and stick his head around into my lap; great for him but I can’t type when he does. As he’s aged, more and more brown is coming out; maybe mom or dad was a chocolate Lab.