1 Oct 2010

Stared at the back of the car trying to visualize how to pull this off. There’s tons of ways to go, the trick being to make it easy to make with no composite or compound curves. I think some cardboard tabletop scale models will help; the real car’s too large to fumble around with big sheets of floppy cardboard, using up 10 yards of tape in every iteration. The hard part is coming up with something that’s both aesthetically pleasing yet isn’t an aerodynamic mess. For example, in clean air a downward curving back end of the car generates lift, a bad thing. But with the nose, front suspension, windscreen, cage, and me stirring it up, it’s pretty sure that the flow back there’s going to be a turbulent mess, so how much does a downward curving cover matter – I just don’t know.

Then there’s the malaise of having recently attaining the last big milestone, the dyno test, and the mental downer of having no immediate goal to go after, instead dealing with seemingly a million little things. Or maybe it’s just analysis paralysis.