10 April

The turbo brace is finished; time will tell how well the (non-Teflon lined) rod end stands up to the turbo heat. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just support the weight of the header and turbo when the car hits bumps.

I found out why good intercoolers are so expensive. Cheap units have fins in only the cooling (air) passages, while high efficiency units such as Garrett have fins in both the cooling air path and the charge air path. While I’m all for cheap, it seems a bad idea to save some money up front but have higher intake air temperatures and possible knocking for the life of engine number 2..

Speaking of costs, you’ve by now see the ads. Long-term, I’m hoping that they’ll recoup some expenses associated with track events (and blown engines!). Probably should have done this a long time ago but I’m no different than you; I really dislike ads but this arrangement will be unobtrusive and there won’t be any pop-ups – promise. Plus, any advertisers that I have issues with will be “disappeared”, so I’m not completely selling out.