10 Jul 2008

Most steering racks are measured in “inches per turn”, the amount the rack moves with one revolution of the steering wheel, yet no one seems to know what the Miata rack speed is. So finally getting around to it, the Miata’s various hydraulic lines were removed and the rack cranked to one end. Backing it off by exactly one turn showed the speed to be 1.77″, a surprisingly fast rack for a modern car. (Kimini’s Triumph Spitfire rack is about 1.8″/turn.) That’s a good thing because there was a concern that my “sports car” might turn as slow as a Lincoln, you know, about 10 turns lock-to-lock. (A bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. We rented a Lincoln for a trip once and the brakes, seats… and steering were terrible.) Anyhow, it means Midlana will have fairly quick steering – as intended. Also, the rack appears to be in good condition, with no slop in the assembly.