10 May

Over the last several months the Odyssey PC680 battery seemed like it’s started heading downhill. It starts the car fine but if the ignition is left on while working with the tuning, voltage seems to drop a little quicker than expected (having nothing powered other than the dash and ECU). I know it’s being charged to the right voltage because that’s shown on the dash, so out it came, replaced by another of the same size and make. While there are Li-Ion batteries out now that are pretty amazing, small and very light, the pricing is also amazing (think $$$$ for a US-made unit… I’ll hold off on that for now).

Just about every day the tune gets better. Over time, big issues have been tuned out of existence and Midlana’s beginning to act more like a stock OEM vehicle, starts fine, idles smooth, and has no flat spots in the tune. It’s not perfect yet though; letting the car coast toward a stop in gear often causes it to stall when the clutch is pushed in. Fixing it will take a bit of testing since about a dozen factors go into the seemingly simple act of idling.