13 May 2009

Fuel tank is done, a big job even with getting help to cut and bend the panels. In fact, it was more work than building the headers. Of course, building headers is great fun and I look forward to that, but I digress. Anyhow, the tank still needs to be pressure-tested but I’m tired of working on it for now. (That’s the cool thing about building a car. When you get tired of working on one thing there’s always something else.)

With the tank in place it’s time to start in on the cooling system.  First is building the swirl pot and accumulator tank. Pounding annealed aluminum sheet into domed ends is fun and it’s amazing how metal can be treated as a very thick liquid, working it to form all sorts of shapes. (I think it would be fun to make a copper sink for the house, too, but never mind.)

All the recent progress has built up a backlog of work that needs to be incorporated into the book manuscript.