15 Aug 2010

Worked all day to get the Race Technology flat-dash talking to the data-logger and ECU, and – fail. The dash configuration doesn’t get applied about 70% of the time the panel’s powered-up. It’s not that it didn’t get into the unit, because if it’s turned on and off a few times, sometimes it’s fine, but turn it off and back on again, it’s configured differently. Even worse, sometimes it’ll bring up only <em>part</em> of the new configuration.

In addition, the dash isn’t reading anything from the ECU, even though the quirky and vague instructions have been read and reread. Data is indeed coming out of the Hondata-modified ECU at the right baud rate, but even with the correct boxes checked in the configuration setup, it’s a no-go. I’ll read through their FAQ after I cool off, as different document’s say different things. It’s like a treasure hunt, piecing together what should be one coherent document, yet it’s seemingly scattered all about…. Not real happy right now, downright grumpy in fact. I really hope the problem is with me.