15 Mar 2008

The front suspension pickup points have been chosen, and next is working out the pushrod and shock setup. I’d like to make the shocks a feature, visible from outside, but it’ll be a challenge to miss the driver’s feet, steering shaft, pedals, master cylinders, radiator ducting, etc, etc. Checking brake master assembly clearence though, shows there won’t be any choice but to use a bottom-pivot assembly. There’s simply not enough vertical space for an overhung type, even with remote cylinders. One perk of a floor or firewall mount is that I don’t have to snake the steering shaft through the pedals, or avoid putting the shocks there.

At the Cars and Coffee event were two really cool cars. One was an original Cobra, not that big a deal around here, but this one had a polished aluminum body, just like chrome and very impressive. The other was what appeared to be an unrestored Toyota 2000GT. I never thought I’d get a chance to see one in person; they’re just beautiful cars, very elegant. It’s a shame they were never imported; they could have outsold Datsun’s Z car but I think they were too expensive. A real shame. Interestingly, it was parked next to a Ferrari Daytona, allegedly the inspiration for its styling.