15 Oct 2010

John Tolmie sent this cool sketch, but I told him it would never work because the steering’s on the wrong side. Seriously, between John’s and Mikko Hietanen’s excellent ideas and artistic skills it looks like the styling solution is at hand.

While I have today off, I’m on-call this weekend (24 hrs a day) so it’s unclear how much will get accomplished. Of course, being on-call means having to stay around home, which could also mean having lots of time to work on the car – if there are no calls… we’ll see.

Bought a Halon fire extingusher, along with a set of Miata sun visors. They’re kind of cool because they fold up, slender enough that they can hide behind the windscreen frame (so when they’re flipped up out of the way they don’t look like raised eyebrows…)