16 Apr 2009

Someone at work bought a new Nissan, not an SUV, or Z, or Altima, nope – a GTR, and I got a ride. What a well-engineered machine; everything works together so seamlessly. The engine is so smooth it was a surprise when he said he was reving it to 8500, it sure didn’t sound like it (in fact it could use a louder exhaust.) And it sure doesn’t feel like a 3800lb car, it rode harder than Kimini – really. Speaking of quiet, when we pulled out of a driveway and he got on it, there was no spinning tires, no smoke, no loud screaming engine, it just sort of “launched”, probably something only a sportbike owner or F18 pilot can relate to. I was giggling like a school girl all the way back to work.

With a 0-60 time in the very low 3-seconds and a mid-11-second 1/4 mile, I’m glad I’ll have a turbo in Midlana. Of course, with its 4WD the GTR beats nearly everything off the line. We’ll see if I can beat the 1/4 mile time… I think I can since it weighs more than twice as much but only has about 20% more power. The trick – which the GTR knows all too well – is getting that power to the ground…

Oh, and I asked what group of car owners most often want to race him. Lowered Hondas driven by hat-askew kids? No, they give him thumbs-ups. Corvettes and Mustangs? No, they give him thumbs-ups. In his words, “The owners that act most threatened are BMW drivers. They always want to race, but why? What’s the point?”