16 May 2010

Made steady progress, just not along the expected path, another reminder of how everything’s connected to everything else. The header tank was completed, but where it’s to go is a bit up in the air. Back when the basic components were being moved around in my head, the idea was to put the header tank in the front-right corner of the engine bay, opposite me. Turns out that’s also where the bonehead designer decided the fuel filler’s supposed to go…

Since there’s nothing magic about that corner, the header tank was moved further to the left, but without the engine in place it’s hard to know if it’ll interfere. However, since the fuel filler has priority (it drives where everything else can go), it was dealt with first, ending up as shown, tipped up to minimize how much space it uses inboard. I was uncomfortable having the filler inside the car (engine compartment) and facing upward, an over-filled tank could splash into the passenger compartment. This way, any spillage will at least stay outside the car. A tube or hose will turn down immediately and route down to the tank, seen at the bottom as a tape-covered pipe.

After that hose/piping is dealt with, the coolant header tank will move as far right as possible to help weight distribution. Having it there also lessens the small chance of being sprayed with hot coolant if something bad happens. Note that the fuel pressure regulator also moved in order to get all these bits to package better.

Having the engine in-place can be a bit of a Catch-22; it’s then obvious what components can go where, but┬álimits access for drilling┬ámounts and such.