17 Apr 2011

Not much to show for working all weekend, but aluminum paneling, especially curved contours, takes a lot of time to get right. The two panels behind the seats may or may not be riveted in, haven’t decided. The center portion (of which three segments are in-place) will have at least one
more section added down toward the shifter, then it’ll all be welded together because it’s how I deal with not having an English Wheel. It’ll attach with rivnuts (learned my lesson on Kimini about designing myself into a corner and being unable to access parts of the car after it was done.) After that’s done another couple of panels will extend forward to protect the occupants from any broken coolant lines spewing hot water everywhere. It also keeps people from getting burns, as well as cleaning up the internal appearance. Not sure how a cover around the shifter will be handled but this sort of stuff seems to design itself.

This is the most difficult item remaining in the project. The reason for the drama is simply because it’ll be very visible and I want it to look nice, and be functional. As mentioned, the cowl will probably be redone, but it won’t be as tough as this is/was. Getting this panel done goes a fair way toward getting the car done, at least mentally, which counts for a lot.