17 Aug 2010

So I get an e-mail out of the blue from the U.S. Race Technology rep. He said that someone in Australia told him he had an unhappy customer – me.

Since this is the same rep I bought the units from originally, calling him was on the list of things to do this week; I just hadn’t gotten around to it due to work being nuts. So he and I had a very constructive conversation and he provided great support. So all three parts of the puzzle will have the latest code flashed into them, then we’ll try again. Normally I’d have flashed the lasted code into them first thing, but the manual made a big deal about not doing that unless instructed… well, I got instructed. If something ends up being seriously wrong with anything, he said he’s swap it out. That’s good support, so I’m hoping for the best.

Before his call I’d been scanning their Knowledge Base, printing out all the pertinent documents, so we’ll see how it goes.