17 Mar 2013

Decided to corner-weigh the car instead of fussing with the rear plate placement. Weight of the complete car with six gallons of fuel is 1616 lbs, or about 1580 empty – it is what it is. Initially the cross-weight was way off at around 55% but now it’s right on, and the car is right at 67% rear weight bias – it’ll be interesting to see how it handles.

The dash variables are all working… they’re all reading “something.” There’s a number of parameters which aren’t scaled right, rpm for one. Don’t know why that’s off since it was working fine at one time. Need to plug in the laptop to the Hondata ECU to see what the real rpm (and MAP) are to figure out the error ratios. Fuel level is low today; yesterday it indicated about six gallons and today it’s reading four, which may be due to the sensor output varying with battery voltage… that’ll be dealt with later.

Sigh… the rear license plate. Where it is in the picture is the obvious place for it, except that it’s blocking a big portion of the exhaust vent. For that reason it needs to move but I’m not sure where. Directly above the exhaust? In the center of the curved section? Or move it up and forward, attaching it to the main roll hoop cross tube behind the passenger seat? I don’t even want to think about the front plate… for now I’m going to run without. Putting it on the front grill will cut incoming airflow to the radiator by about 80%. About the only other places it can go is either on an A-arm (ugh) or make a frame that sticks out from a headlight mount.