17 Sep 2009

Thank you for the generous offers of help regarding the CAD situation. One of the beta-builders is inputting them into AutoCad, in effect, redrawing them. Thankfully there’s only four drawings and they’re pretty simple. As for SketchUp, as long as it’s quarantined to only providing pictures for the book, it’s tolerable… I just wish Google spent as much time debugging it as they do touting their self-proclaimed awesomeness…

The exhaust manifold design is progressing, mentally if not physically. The turbo has moved a bit further from the cylinder head and closer to the intercooler to provide a straight shot to the intercooler. Tipping the turbine inlet downward allows the primaries to sweep upward into the inlet while the wastegate feeds will sweep downward, as good design dictates.

The nature of the manifold has changed somewhat, with the primaries being longer to minimize lag. Haven’t decided upon primary tube diameter yet; 1.625″ appears to be the “right” size, yet because 1.75″ 321 stainless is used in aircraft, some vendors offer it quite a bit cheaper, so we’ll see. Unlike the Kimini manifold, this one will use double slip-joints from the primaries to the collector. The time is getting near for ordering tubing.

The solution to the lateral centering for the shifter has been worked out; it’s just a matter of ordering springs and making the mounts.