18 Feb 2012

More backyard drama. We were trimming our Jacaranda tree and unbeknownst to us there was a hummingbird nest in it. When it crashed to the ground it wasn’t even noticed, and it was only after shredding the branches that we found two baby hummingbirds sitting on the ground next to each other.

Back when I was about 10-yrs old I managed to shoot down a hummingbird, and to this day feel bad about it. Because of that, I go out of my way to help them out, and here I’d nearly done in two more. So we fabricated a new nest using the stalk of a dead plant and some gauze cloth. About this time we heard chirping outside; it was Mom and Dad Hummingbird flying around wondering what happened to their home and kids. The replacement nest was put up as best we could and we hoped for the best. The pictures tell the story. I’m going to let them get used to it for a while, but want to put some sort of roof on it, both for rain protection AND crows – those guys are ruthless. In case you’re wondering, I held the camera up to a spotting scope to get some of the shots.