18 Jul 2016

A number of things:

First off, it’s very important to take time out to make wife-points. I was pleasantly surprised (even after 20+ years) the effect of building a couple garden vine supports had.

Progress getting the car back to normal will take a while because of how much was changed. In a way, it’s like starting all over again, having to set up – or at least confirm as correct – every tunable parameter.

The idle is now good to go. The ECU configuration software has a “feature” where if you click on a field, even if the cursor is not in that box, if the mouse wheel is moved any amount, it changes the value. What’s bad is until you click on a different box, the first box is still “live” even if it’s off the screen. I apparently did that with idle control, unknowingly changing it from “rpm” to “coolant temperature” based calculations. As a result, it was waiting for the engine to get to 1000 degrees C (!) instead of 1000 rpm! While harmless, it’s a reminder how easy it is to mess things up; fortunately I didn’t mess up something that could have caused real harm.

With the idle solved, next up was boost control. Because so much has changed, boost has to be reconfigured from scratch. I messed around with the boost control values, hoping it would be close enough. Nope, so I have to back up two steps and start with just the wastegate spring. My notes show that the 50 kpa spring is in there now but it wasn’t limiting boost at that value. The spring rating rarely matches how it works in a specific setup, so I’ll swap in the weak spring and see where things are. A single 38 mm wastegate worked with the old header but this header’s wastegate flow path isn’t as efficient. I think it’ll be fine still but have to confirm what the boost is with a given spring.

Lastly, work is progressing on the cardboard templates for the air inlet scoop. A buddy gave me numbers off the air intake snorkel from a Nissan GTP car, which isn’t so terribly different in terms of airflow. Scaled up to fit the intercooler, it’ll be a fun project. While making it from composite is probably the right way to do it, depending how the templates turn out I may just go with aluminum. One loose end is decided whether to pick up air to the air filter from the same duct, or run a hose over to the side vent where the intercooler used to be.

Oh, and enabling comments here hasn’t gone well. I think I’ve gotten about half a dozen real comments, and about 25 BS spam ones. If you want to contact me or discuss something, please do so through the Forum (link above).