18 Mar 2012

Set up a proper clutch-stop, which isn’t an option for a twin-disc. Ironically it’s how I got such a good deal on it; the previous owner had installed it without reading the instructions, leaving the clutch master cylinder and pedal travel stock. The extreme over-travel caused the clutch, flywheel, and crank assembly to push forward hard enough to ruin the crank thrust bearing. After I bought it, it was sent it back to the factory to ensure it wasn’t ruined, bought the proper throw-out bearing, and in combination with the proper stop, hopefully there’ll be no issue.

Cut off and replaced the driver-side rear seat mount to set the proper clearance between the seat and paneling.

Added a dead pedal and a brace to double as a guide to keep my clutch foot from getting stuck under it.

I had about 50 Clecos that were used during construction of Kimini, which wasn’t enough but they never failed. Bought another batch about a year ago so there’d be more on-hand for Midlana and well, something’s changed in the product. To date about six (of the new ones) have broken just like these, with the missing nubs being destined to forever rattle around inside the chassis somewhere.

Made a list last week that has 16 remaining issues to deal with before the car can be torn down for paint. No doubt the list will grow, but the important thing is that as of today the list has <em>13</em> items on it. In other words, the list isn’t that long and it got shorter. Granted some issues may consume an entire day, but it’s getting there!