19 Apr 2010

Good progress; received the transmission part that allows to allow shifting to reverse (now that it’s a six-speed… a long story.) Installed the part and all seems well. Hopefully there’s enough adjustment range in the shifter assembly to allow four gear columns, and if not… there will be.

The headlights, parking lights, turn signals, and emergency flashers all work. Haven’t connected the rear lights since I don’t have bulbs on-hand. The best news is that the flat-dash and logger came up fine, though I have no idea what the numbers mean – haven’t configured it yet. The picture’s of the dash in a dark garage – I like the blue backlight 🙂 It’ll be connected to the Hondata-modified ECU in a bit – fingers crossed.

In other news, check out the pictures this guy took of the Icelandic volcano… just incredible with the lightning. One heck of a hobby he has!