19 Dec 2010

Worked on two small light projects: the high-mounted rear brake light and the rear view mirror. The reasoning goes that since everything has to be done before it comes apart for paint it doesn’t matter the order in which things are finished. Both got done though the jury’s out on the brake light, being offset below the main roll hoop to leave room for the wires to exit the unit. It’ll be left a few weeks then it’ll be looked at again and maybe cut off and raised to be in-line with the hoop.

On the other hand, the rear view mirror worked out well because the windscreen top is lower than the main roll hoop, so it’s got a good field-of-view. It’s also nearly invisible from the front yet doesn’t block any forward visibility. I had one of these Wink multi-pane mirrors before and really like it, though it remains to be seen how the flip-down sun visors will integrate with it.