2 Aug 2009

With the engine back in the chassis I returned the engine hoist to my brother then took Midi to Dog Beach.┬áBeing the first time for Midi I was a bit nervous. There’s a million distractions so there was some question how well he’d listen. Then, some of the dogs get up to about 100 mph and there can be some pretty severe collisions with other dogs or people. And finally there’s the issue that he (I assume) hasn’t learned to swim yet.

There were probably 30 dogs there running all over the place, puppies, little dogs, medium dogs, and some huge ones, and they all got along great. So… with some trepidation I let Midi go and he joined in with all the craziness. A dog had just headed out into the surf to retrieve a ball so Midi took off after him first. Unbeknownst to us there was a sinkhole in the shallow water and Midi, whose head was just about water-level, suddenly sank below the surface! In about the time it takes to think, “Oh sh…”, his instincts kicked in and he popped to the surface swimming – I’m glad my wife wasn’t there. Anyhow, after that brief panic he’s now waterproof for life, running this way and that and having a great time – and not listening too well. Couldn’t tell if it was the distractions, he couldn’t hear me, or didn’t want to. It all worked out fine since all the dogs he was playing with stayed in one area, but still…

After that we headed over to my parent’s house where they have a young Lab/Shepherd mix, Dora. She’s absolutely in love with Midi, wanting nothing more than to be right next to him. As he was tired out from the beach he was trying to rest and as you can see, Dora would have none of that, pawing at him for attention.

Back home, with a now sleeping dog, work began on the rear suspension brackets. I’ll churn through them just to get them out of the way because frankly, they’re no fun. At the rear, a wood fixture seems to work better than a steel one. It’ll be disassembled and reversed to be used on the other side of the chassis. I think of doing brackets like eating yucky food you know is good for you. Get it out of the way early and everything else looks like desert.