2 Aug

A couple more shots of the new wastegate and heat shields. Also shown are the newly-added intercooler fans; adding them now while everything is apart saves time later. Last shown is the growing electrical circuits aft of the firewall.

It’s easy and fun installing the big parts, but another thing to really finish it 100%. That means fully welding everything, trimming hoses to the proper lengths, having the correct ends, torquing all hoses and fasteners, tying off all hoses and wires, and adding sleeving and tie-wraps as needed. While this modification has dragged out for a month, other than waiting for the proper fan connectors to arrive, it’s completely finished.

This is mentioned because a builder on the Locost forum just “completed” his car build, but it wasn’t done. What that means is part’s aren’t mounted in their final position, stiffening brackets aren’t yet added, wires are still hanging loose, and the ECU tune is terrible. With it in this condition, he drove 30 miles to get the car inspected, only to have it break down on the way. Once there, the engine destroyed itself on the dyno,  possibly due to driving there with a half-baked tune. A successful build can’t be rushed; things have to really be complete else it risks reliability and safety, both to the driver and those around him. My comment in his build thread that perhaps he should slow down went unanswered, but I think my mechanical engineering buddy said it best, “No one knows anything; the results speak for themselves.” Take your time and make it right.