20 Oct 2009

Ordered fasteners for the turbo system… nuts, just realized I forgot to order bolts for the muffler flange… oh well. Will work on the rest of the exhaust next, and if there’s time, figure out where the remote oil filter is going, which determines oil supply line length. The plan is to tap into the housing for oil pressure, temperature, and the turbo oil supply.

My brother is leaning on me to go with him this weekend when he takes his Super Stalker to Button Willow raceway – sprung it on me today since his other passenger┬ábacked out. But, Midlana’s gets built because I don’t do other stuff. That’s what it comes down to, doing family activities, or selfishly working on the car – the all-consuming time-sucking car which I really enjoy working on. So now, if I don’t go, I’m the bad guy; wonder if he regrets badgering me about how slow things are moving along, How many times I’ve heard, “Is it done yet?” Well, it’s getting done becomes it’s being worked on.