27 Nov 2011

No entry last week but work got done, the other hood latch was installed.

Today, the left hood pin bracket (a tricky little son of a gun) was fabricated. It’s pretty goofy looking because the entire hood revolves around a bottom forward pivot point, so the pin has to be aimed just right in two planes. With a couple rivets in it, it looks like it’ll work fine, but the entire assembly’s a bit floppy. Since an internal bulkhead is needed anyway to keep radiator air out of the footwells, it’ll be attached to the hood to double as a stiffener.

The last picture shows a happy but sleepy Midi in my computer chair – I end up on the carpet since there’s not room for the both of us. He was happy we were around over the last four days. In related news, a stray young female pitbull was found in the neighborhood. She got along great with Midi, and the guy who found her has contacted the humane society, so we’ll see if she gets claimed. If not… hmmm, we’ll see. My wife’s going to kill me…

13 Nov 2011

Came close to ruining the hood due to some over-exuberant trimming. It was saved, barely, with one edge left not quite even, but to be honest, it was so much work to make, and since the indiscretion is not too easy to see, it’s being left… gives the car character…

Next up was starting on the hood latches. I saw them first on my buddy, Dennis’s site, dpcars.net They aren’t cheap but were the perfect solution for locking the hood down (Dennis also happens to be a distributor.)  The pictures show the latch design and it’s pretty sweet (the red rod in the pictures is the locking pin.) With the locking version, it means having some semblance of security, at least for the front storage area. Mounting them was easy enough, but everything was made much more difficult due to having the hood tilt forward. Doing so means that the entire assembly rotates around the front hinge, so the locking tabs that have to extend into the latches move in an arc. That’s going to take some fussing with but I think it’ll be pretty sweet, after the sweat-work is done.

Completely off-topic but nevertheless awesome, is this car owner and her car. I can only hope I’m half that able at her age! Changes her own oil and plugs… hah!

6 Nov 2011

Me: I’m going to go work out in the garage.
Her: It’s raining…
Me: Yeah, perfect for working in the garage, and it’s not hot out.
Her: Are you going to back out my car?
Me: …. (uh oh.)
Her: You always remind me your car rusts when my wet car is put back in the garage.
Me: … (nuts.)

So I worked on the book instead, which was just as well. Beta builder Jim is back to working on his car and found a couple embarrassing mistake in the manuscript, now fixed.