28 Oct 2012

After a long weekend, the proud owner relaxes, with Midlana finally sitting on her wheels. With bumpsteer dealt with, next is making a jig to simplify setting toe; something I always meant to make for Kimini but never got round to. After that there’s corner-weighing the car, then double-checking everything. Alignment is at least twice the work as on a Locost due to having IRS instead of a straight axle. Once the suspension is really done, it allows moving ahead on other issues with a clear mind knowing it’s a closed issue. The pile of things to do is still large but a lot smaller than it was.

Oh… one of the rear hubs appears to be slightly loose. Even after the big axle nut and wheel lugs were tight, the wheel could be rocked slightly – it’s not the upright itself, it appears to be the bearings. Of course, the rear axle nuts probably only have about 40 ft-lbs on them, and they’re supposed to be tightened to an un-godly 181 ft-lbs, so maybe that’ll tighten things up… need to find that spec to confirm.

21 Oct 2012

Measured and minimized bump-steer at the left-rear, which measured about 0.015″. With that done, next was the left axle, shock, and intercooler. Modified the pressure cap assembly to move the coolant bleed point to the header tank higher so it’s the highest point in the cooling system. It’s been a loose end for a long time and is being handled now while the cooling system’s dry. Next week the car will get moved more toward the center of the garage so the right-rear bump-steer can be measured and minimized. By that time the rest of the parts should be on-hand to finish the front bump-steer.

14 Oct 2012

A long and productive weekend. In short, the drivetrain is in and pretty much complete. Now have a proper bump-steer gauge but have to make an adaptor for it. Not sure what’s next… probably checking bumpsteer all around to see what’s what. The front is something that can get played with; the back is more serious and needs to be as close to zero as possible. After that the axles and radiator will go in. Fun stuff.

Oh, and congratulations to Felix Baumgartner for breaking the sound barrier during his sky-dive from ~128,000 ft!

7 Oct 2012

Had plans for progressing on the car but a family emergency come up – my parents are getting old. It’s neither good nor bad – it just is. As the hospital, you just never know what you’ll see or hear, and I heard the nurses talking about a patient who’d just been admitted. Seems he was driving along minding his own business when a sportbike rear-ended his car going about 100 mph faster than he was. The impact was so great that the bike rider’s body entered his car and killed both backseat passengers. The driver was admitted for neck and back injuries, but I can’t imagine the mental trauma he’s going through. Stuff like that is a reminder of how one second we think we have everything under control and the next, the world’s turned upside down. Don’t mean for this to be a downer, but just a reminder to be doing what you want – now – because we just never know.