26 Jan 2020

A TV show that I refer to often, both in the books and in previous build diary posts, is the 3-part documentary, Plane Crazy, that ran on PBS years ago, where a guy sets out to design and build a plane in 30 days. Yes, really. It remains a show that’s really stuck with me (when it aired, I’d just completed Kimini). It became all but impossible to find copies of, and those that exist are on VHS tape. No more! It’s now on YouTube, where you can relieve the painful/funny/sad/entertainment of watching someone set an impossible goal, then drive himself crazy trying to meet it. It’s an excellent study in human nature and psychology when it comes to any big project. It’s three hours, but very much worth the watch:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

4 Jan 2020

Just a quick PSA about following sketchy “Midlana” URLs.

Lately there have been a bunch popping up with URL extensions “.de” (Germany). I have nothing against Germany, but all the sites are the same in that they’re just random text snippets from the Internet, designed to trick Google into pointing to them as legitimate sources of information. I recommend staying away.