21 Feb 2011

Went to install the taillight connector but had the wrong parts… doh! Not willing to waste the day, the wire screen in the rear engine vent was cut out, the frame filed smooth, and the denser material welded in (yup, welded it again.) Also cut out holes for the four LED taillights, and the whole ordeal took all day but it’s good to have something that can finally be checked off as really finished.

In other news, we just heard Midi’s dog dish rattle around out in the patio, which means only one time: Mr. Possum is visiting. He’s about the size of a big cat, and reminded us of how we raised one years ago before before letting that one go back into the wild. Got to learn all about them and what they eat; they’re very cool animals and don’t bother anyone. If you have a snail problem in your yard, a possum can be your best friend, though it’s pretty gross watching him eat one!