21 Nov 2012

Installed the shifter, which is unpainted but it’s just as well since the bellcrank leverage was changed slightly to move the shifter slightly to the right and shorten travel. Made adaptors for the fuel filler and installed the fuel-filler hoses (hard to believe that those two pieces of fuel-filler hose were nearly $100…) Added endless tie-wraps to various cables and harnesses, especially down the center where there’s not much room, though it’s a testament to how little “center tunnel” is actually required. Double-checked the fuel and coolant hose junctions, connected the ECU and verified that the fuel pump comes on at ignition-on. Filled and bled the clutch and brake systems.

This thing is very close to having fuel and coolant added and starting it up for real. A very nervous time for me with fuel leaks being the concern. It’ll be done early in the morning to maximize the time available to addressing any leaks… we’ll see. I added the last picture of the brake lights just because it looks nice.

It’s somewhat ironic getting ready to start the new car for real because just yesterday I heard that Kimini may be sold to a guy in Texas – and he’s considering driving it the 1000 miles back home! I think that’s awesome and hope he keeps me updated; I never got round to doing a big road trip in the Mini myself – my bad.