22 Nov 2012

Well, good news, sort of. Finally cranked up my courage and poured in five gallons of gas – it doesn’t leak – exactly. However, I can definitely smell gas in one specific spot on the tank, along a weld seam of course. However, it’s such a small leak that it’s not even damp… that’s the “good news.”  Ignition was set hot and the fuel system properly pressurized and retained pressure – no leaks there at least. Still, that smell will continue to fuel my obsessive tendencies until it’s dealt with. Sigh.

As the saying goes, “if that’s your biggest problem in life you’re doing well” and I get it. I can’t complain, I have a wife that puts up with me, a happy dog, good kids, and my health. Thanksgiving is a good “scenic view point” in life, where all it asks is that we stop for a moment and consider all we have to be thankful for – keeping us “grounded.” Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

In addition to the fuel, the coolant system was also filled, so other than setting toe there’s nothing preventing seeing if it starts and drives… like, oh, tomorrow. Been messing about with my GoPro, which is an earlier model and now “obsolete.” However the newest one – just out – appears to have software issues so I’m fine with this one.