23 Jul 2016

It’s been over 100 degrees in the garage this week, which takes all the fun out of working on the car. Still, I scaled up the measurements my buddy gave me for the Nissan GTP air scoop to see what it might look like. As said, it completely changes the look of the car. If I saw it and didn’t know better I’d think it was fake or at least pretentious, but it’s 100% functional and necessary so it is what it is. I asked him whether I was being dumb to make it from aluminum instead of composite. He said that for making just one, aluminum is probably a better use of time and it’s also less messy, so aluminum it is.

Also swapped in the weakest wastegate spring; I may take it out for a test drive later this evening after it cools off to find what the actual-versus-rated boost. It’ll also show how much boost creep there is; with the less efficient routing I’m hoping it’s not too bad.

Back to the weather, the air conditioner is sure appreciated, great for sleeping. Some people suggested a swamp cooler but I feel they’re only for really low humidity areas. We generally get several weeks or even months of monsoon-like weather around here, really warm and humid, and the air conditioning is great for both cooling  and lowering the humidity, something a swamp cooler can’t do. I’m shocked by how much water is in the air; opening the bedroom door and letting it work to cool our small house fills a coffee can with condensate in about two hours.

An interesting aside; I went to a local Home Depot and when I walked in, was hit by a wall of really humid air. Sure enough they use swamp coolers and with them adding humidity to the already high levels, it was actually less comfortable inside the store. There were workers running around with broom squeegees. The combination of high heat, high humidity, and a cool concrete floor meant that – like an iced drink on a table – the cool floor surface was condensing water out of the air… think, hundreds of gallons. I thought they had a water main break but nope. That was pretty amazing.