25 Aug 2010

There’s developments regarding the Race Technology ECU/Dash Interface. Turns out that RT makes exactly two units: a generic one that works with virtually every ECU out there, and another to work with the one ECU on the planet that’s different – guess which one that is? The Hondata/Honda ECU’s datalog output isn’t true RS-232, so RT made a unit just for this ECU. Unfortunately they apparently never told their U.S. rep, so when my order came in, it was handled the same as virtually all orders, and a generic interface module was programmed for my ECU type. So with that cleared up, the correct unit should be here by the end of next week, and hopefully by then a known-good ECU will also be on-hand.

Interestingly, someone with this exact same problem posted on the RT forum about a year ago. Unfortunately, people complain a lot easier than they offer solutions or complements; once they have their answer they don’t bother to post the solution. I’m trying to do better, posting the problem along with the solution, maybe saving someone some time in the future.