25 Jan 2009

This is a reminder of much fun fabricating Kimini’s radiator mounts was… not. It was and is an annoying awkward thing to mock up, not helped by the radiator not having mounting brackets, made more fun since it’s inside the nose cone. Anyhow, the frame under the rack and radiator is done, now it’s “just” a matter of welding tabs onto the radiator and picking them up with rubber-isolated brackets off the frame. As I was told years ago, and it’s proven true over and over, brackets take the majority of the time when building a chassis.

Been thinking about the front storage area and one item that would be nice to hide is a helmet. Right now the space isn’t deep enough for one but since the footwell is fairly tall, the floor of the storage area can be lowered some on that side… we’ll see.

Speaking of Kimini, had a weird dream about her, one of those disjointed dreams where nothing makes sense. I’m reminded of what my mom told me as a kid about not eating nuts before bed or I’d dream, yup, still happens. Anyhow, my sister(?) shows up driving Kimini. I basically said, “WTF?”, and she explains that she’s dropping it off per instructions from the new owner, handing me a list of things he wants changed or added. I remember thinking that he’s not going to like the bill since he didn’t call first, assumed I’d even do it, and assumed I have nothing else going on, and then the dream ended – good! I can only handle one project at a time.