25 Sept 2019


My brother, having attended twice before, suggested getting to the bottom of the hill early so that we could park under nearly the only tree near the road; this proved to be a good idea. At 6000 feet, the sun is intense even in September, yet move two feet into the shade, and you might be cold. When wearing a racing suit, however, being cool is better than warm. Coincidently, Midlana’s intercooler intake tract served well to keep rain, hail, and the sun off my head. Anyway, we scored the shady tree, then got in line.

Below is a mix of just a few of the cars; only after the event did I realize I only took phone videos of the line of cars rather than stills. Given that there were roughly 60 cars, I missed showing quite a few. Being new to the event, I got a ride in an old Ford Falcon with a warmed over engine, and the ride was pretty entertaining, though its intent was to show the line and where the corner workers were located. The last two picture show the condition of Midlana’s tires after the day was done. It shows that they were both only starting to work, and both have a bit too much camber. That’s easy to fix and will enhance braking as well.

Next I’ll get to work on the video that I’m sure you want to see instead of my blathering…