26 Dec 2017

First off, happy holidays!*

A few months ago, a small crack was found on the exhaust pipe. I knew I was pushing my luck thinking a pipe supported solely at only one end by a vibrating, shaking engine would ever last, and nope. Anyway, the crack kept growing and today I had the choice of ignoring it and enjoy driving it, or fixing it, but not both. Nuts.

The cracking¬†wasn’t helped by the fact that there was some extra weight out at the end of the assembly (due to quickly adapting the old exhaust to the new turbo setup). No doubt that at certain engine speeds, it was resonating and probably shaking like crazy. In an effort to fix that, a flex coupler was added in addition to rigidly supporting the outlet end; we’ll see how it goes.

Note: I looked more¬†closely at the close-up picture of the crack and see it propagated a lot further than I thought… more welding!

*My poor wife made the mistake of wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” and was informed that “We don’t celebrate Christmas and are just shopping!” Good thing they don’t expect presents…