27 Feb

Moving the turbo over aft of the exhaust ports means fabricating a new exhaust manifold, either starting from scratch or seeing how much of the old one can be used. I doubted anyone could use my header since virtually all K-series engines are at the front of cars where it wouldn’t fit anyone’s engine bay, never mind being turbocharged. It was cut along the exhaust flange, then each primary knocked apart at the slip-joints, then the 2-1 junctions cut off. I may end up buying a new T3 twin-scroll merge collector since that’s the trickiest part. That said, most available parts are setup for thick 304 stainless pipe, not tubing, so I may build that type for fun.

My brother stopped by and observed how, with the existing intercooler being removed from behind the driver’s seat, the dry sump tank could move there – good idea! It moves weight forward, frees up more space for the new intercooler, and results in slightly shorter oil hoses. The last picture is what sank to the bottom of the dry sump pump. Dragging a magnet through it turned up some very small steel bits but hopefully nothing went through the dry sump pump. That and the injectors will be sent out next week for cleaning and inspection.