27 March

Faced the header flange; in this case a side cutter worked better than a fly cutter. The flange was warped really bad, nearly 0.125″ which explains why some of the original profile was lost. After that, holes were drilled and threaded for the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors. The holes look kind of goofy but it’s where they had to go on the different primary tubes in order to end up with the sensor tips equidistance from the head. The Interweb has all sorts of conflicting information on how far from the head the sensors should be placed. The more reputable information seemed to suggest 1.25″, so that’s what was done. Also, the same sources noted that typically, the sensors are used only for tuning or calibration and not left in place. On the other hand my brother said EGT sensors are always left installed in aircraft, so I’m not sure about the context of the original information.

In the last two pictures, that giant lint ball with legs is my buddy Lee’s cat, and there’s Midi on his way to see Mom and her dog, and my brother’s Boston Terriers. They have a great time chasing each other around the yard.

Some late news: Right now Lulu, the book printer, is running a 20%-off everything sale, discount code “BASKET20.” It’s only good through midnight Sunday (tonight) but if you miss it keep checking; I’m pretty sure they’ll be running discounts over the next month or so due to it being tax (refund) season.