28 Jun 2011

Yesterday was spend drilling mounting holes for the existing center tunnel, so there wasn’t much point in posting. Today the storage tray was mocked up then fabricated. Wasn’t sure whether to bother beading the base of it but it made a huge difference in stiffness. Also not so sure about the brake lines and reservoirs inside the storage compartment – I can imagine a helmet, jacket, and sweater getting soaked in leaking brake fluid. I suppose if there’s a brake leak there’s bigger things to worry about so I’m not going to worry about it.

One other thing that’s needed is a small cover over the throttle pivot shaft. Don’t want something someday dialing up 400 hp unexpectedly by wedging itself behind the throttle…

While the tray’s not yet drilled, all the hard work’s done. Next are the last two tunnel panels next to the occupants’ feet, then it’s on to the paneling behind the radiator which will be a lot easier to fab since they’re easy to get to.