28 Nov 2012

Received the replacement 2.5 bar MAP sensor, plugged it in, rescaled the software, reset fuel pressure, and it runs fine now. Backed the car out into the driveway but that’s as far as it went, being dark and all.

The thing sure smells of fuel but it doesn’t “seem” to be coming from the tank! I’ve run my fingers – and nose – along every seam and don’t find any trouble areas. However, standing over the car, ever once in a strong whiff comes along. Somewhat surprising, it seems to be coming from the fuel rail, which reminds me of the problems I had with it when the engine was first built. At the time I had to fabricate spacers so that the injectors wouldn’t slide too far out of the rail and spew gas everywhere. While the “wipe” test always comes up dry, the nose test sure points at it as once source of the smell.  For that reason a proper fuel rail was ordered today – hopefully that’ll help cut down on the smell, even though I realize that I’ll never be rid of it entirely (the lawnmower syndrome.)