29 Dec 2010

The engine cover mounts are done, short of sizing the Dzus fasteners. Aerodynamic lift might be (I really don’t know) substantial since the engine cover is so large, so fasteners are on 12″-centers around the edge plus one near the center. Don’t want the thin material to bow upward due to low pressure, or start flapping about. There’s the small chance of getting rear-ended and having the forward edge of the engine cover try to enter the passenger compartment. It shouldn’t be an issue due to the seat-backs and main roll hoop diagonal, but some people may use low-back seats and no diagonal (really bad ideas for a number of reasons), so I don’t want to set a bad example.

I was asked why I don’t buy brackets instead of making them; some places make all sorts of brackets so surely I could find ones that would work as-is. Hah, I’d love to but there’s no way they’ll be correct. Every bracket, no matter how well-chosen, would have to be reworked, so I don’t believe there’s enough time-savings to warrant buying them. Also, due to build variations, even brackets which should be mirror-images of each other are slightly different due to build variances, so I  don’t see that they would work out, but I could be wrong.

Not sure how much will be accomplished tomorrow, as I’ve been informed I will be going “shopping.”