3 Mar 2013

Sometimes I make mid-week entries – be sure to read the previous updates.

Took the fenders off as they need to come off for paint regardless whether they go back on or not. Sure looks better without…

Need to order some longer Dzus fasteners, as several that are on the engine cover now are very hard to turn. Sooner or later I’m going to slip and put a big scratch in the paint.

Wired in the license plate lights. Right now the plate is mounted in the center of the wire mesh area. It’s there because it was easy to mount, and no doubt high enough for whatever lighting rules apply. However, it’s blocking a huge percentage of the heat exhaust area which is the sole exit for all engine compartment heat. It’ll likely get moved down below, mounted to the curved panel below the screen.

Also, couldn’t resist trimming the exhaust pipe so that it’s a nicer fit where it exits the bodywork.

While I was complaining about my “problems” regarding car registration, it was humbling to see this post by someone in Sydney, Australia: “Wish we had it that easy over here. We have to apply for permission to build, pass structural torsional testing, 1998+ emissions compliance, brake testing (incl renting a race track!) etc etc. It’s thousands and thousands of dollars to register…” Ugh, and people complain about California…

On the registration front, what’s unclear is whether the state smog people define what the car “is.” If I can get them to call it “what it appears to be” – which is one of the choices – I’m not sure that makes its way onto the registration. I hope so, as it would sure make insuring it easier. I have an appointment to do the smog next Friday so it’ll all become clear then.