30 Dec 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates – work on the car continues, a week of finished every panel; no longer will half-finished panels do. There’s been a lot of filing, deburring, and sanding, then the panels will be ready for paint by Wednesday. Some will be powdercoated and the rest painted. Wednesday or Thursday a paint shop will be selected, assuming they’re even open this week. It remains to be seen if the panels will be Alodine-coated, depending what the paint shops say. Just the one picture of the prepped panels – you’ve seen enough shots of the car torn apart.

Update: After reading up on it, it appears that Alodine is highly regarded for prepping aluminum, as in, good luck not using it. It’ll be applied whether the shops want it or not, and the shop will be instructed to paint the panels as-is. That should cut out a lot of time and needless labor, though the fiberglass nose will need some prep.