30 Jul 2008

Ordered the axles, knowing that if I mess up (like when building Kimini) they’re going to be worth exactly zero if they don’t fit, due to them being for my quirky one-of-a-kind application. However, I double and triple-checked the numbers so it’s time to get on with things.

Hanging out on the various Honda and Acura sites sometimes pays off in the form of good deals. Picked up an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, braided fuel lines, fuel rail, 750cc injectors and clips, and a throttle-body. The throttle-body is needed because some late-model engines – like this one – are “drive by wire.” The throttle body doesn’t have a throttle position sensor because the computer knows the position it drove it to. Taking the stepper motor off is easy, but now the aftermarket ECU can’t know throttle plate position. The solution is to substitute a throttle-body (and an engine wire harness) from a similar model that uses a traditional cable-operated throttle.

Oh, and good news on the twin-disc clutch – it’s fine. That’s a relief.