31 Aug 2009

The heat kept me out of the garage, which provided time to finish the electrical system. It’s finally down on paper – not on CAD, but at least in hard form which is more than I did for Kimini. What’s that saying, “familiarity breeds contempt?” As an electrical engineer I can “wing it”, wiring it on-the-fly and not writing anything down. In fact, just today my coworkers were kidding me about being a wimp because I did write it down – you know, planning. I know they’re messing with me, but I went ahead and explained that yes, I could have done the whole thing without documentation, but doing so sets a future landmine in the form of lots of wasted effort every time the electrical system has to be serviced. Eh, what do they know, ignorant non car builders!

Reorganizing the manuscript, placing chapters in order to make it sequential. That is, a builder starting at the front and working his way through ends up with a car with a minimum of flipping pages back and forth. At least that’s the plan. Currently 236 pages…

Oh, and I ran Midlana through the shareware program CarTest2000, which proved to be oddly accurate for Kimini. If it’s even close, Midlana’s going to be scary-fast, with an estimated 2.6 second 0-60 and a 10.5 second quarter mile. The big unknown is what the test software’s assuming for tire traction. That, and I’m probably overly optimistic on total vehicle weight – again. I’m going to be using boost-by-gear to keep tire spin at bay, that should help some, but regardless, it’s going to be very¬†quick.

Another month gone… People keep asking, “when’s it going to be done?” When it’s finished. Or, “Much faster than the first car.” Eh, you guys can see the progress, your guess is as good as mine.